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UV Light Sanitizer Wand

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All UV Light Sanitizers are NOT the same.

Boutique Decor & More has partnered with a USA based company to offer a UV Light Sanitizer that is FDA Registered and has the Approval of the SGS. Thoroughly lab-tested, developed and produced in an FDA registered facility.

UV Light Sanitizers kill viruses, bacteria, germs, and molds. Ultraviolet(UV) light is used in the hospital to sanitize medical equipment, providing a clean and hygienic environment. Now that technology is available to your boutique! 

A UV Light Sanitizer is the most effective way to keep the environment and objects in your business clean and disinfected. Your staff and customers can get sick by touching anything that has germs, viruses and bacteria. UV disinfection is perfect for the counter/cash wrap, POS systems, door handles, dressing rooms, and fabric.

Tired of all the chemicals from spraying and wiping, and more spraying and wiping? A UV Light Sanitizer Wand is a great alternative!

Product Size: 266.66(L)x37.8(W)X41.84mm(H)/10.39” H x 1.5” W

UV-C Lamp Consumption: 4W DC Lamp

UV strength:  ≥ 2750u W/cm2

UV Wavelength: UV-C (253.7nm)

Sterilizing Rate: 99.99%

Working operation: 4 AA Batteries

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