Clothes Hanger Jewelry Stands - Set of 2

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Add charm to your display with these one-of-a-kind Vintage Clothes Hanger Jewelry Stands. This chic set includes one large cream stand and a small black stand for a varied height look. Hang your necklaces and other jewelry on these weathered wooden hangers the same way you would hang them on a normal T-bar. The large cream stand measures 16.5"h x 17.5"w x 5"d and the small black one measures 12.5"h x 17.5"w x 5"d. The set is great for in-store displays.

  • Unique jewelry T-bar stands
  • Distressed painted finish
  • Large Cream: 16.5"h x 17.5"w x 5"d
  • Small Black: 12.5"h x 17.5" w x 5"d
  • Varied heights add dimension to displays
  • Great for boutique, gift, antique, and other shops
  • Perfect for a unique point-of-purchase display