Black Crystal Necklace & Bracelet Display Set

  • $59.00

Showcase beautiful necklaces and bracelets on these Necklace and Bracelet Stands. These metal pieces feature a black finish and acrylic beaded accents for a bold elegant accent to your shop. The two heights of the set add dimension.

This beautiful set of Decorative Necklace and Bracelet Stands create a traditional and elegant display. Use the stands on risers to add additional height. The lightweight pieces sit on a sturdy base.

  • Display bracelets, necklaces and other accessories
  • Black matte painted finish
  • Clear acrylic accents
  • Bracelet Bar: 6"h x 13"w with an arm that is 3.5"d
  • Necklace Stand: 12.5"h x 13" with an arm that is 4.75"d
  • Use for in-store displays
  • Great for displaying simple or fine jewelry
  • Varying heights add dimension to displays
  • Black color with clear accents add a subtle boldness to displays