Boutique Scent Marketing

Scent marketing is now exploding as the next frontier in advertising and retail branding across an endless array of industries. But how does a carefully chosen, effectively diffused fragrance affect a business’ bottom line?

The Bottom Line Benefits Of Scent Marketing:

  1. Improve Brand Recognition
  2. Improve Customer Experiences
  3. Make Your Brand Unforgettable
  4. Extend The Time Customers Linger
  5. Attract New Customers
  6. Create Heightened Value Perception
  7. Encourage Repeat Business
  8. Increase Sales
  9. Inspire Brand Loyalty
  10. Affect Performance in The Workplace
  11. Counteract Malodors

One of the reasons scent marketing is so successful as a sales strategy is because visual advertising no longer captivates the attention of modern consumers the way it once did. Shoppers have grown tired of visual ads and presentations, so much so that their eyes quickly slide over what the nose permanently captures. Scent can entice consumers to stay longer, shop longer and purchase more.

The inclusion of scent marketing in any boutique business promises imminent improvement in the bottom line and ROI.