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With 2021 at its start, we look forward to this new year analyzing market trends that our businesses need to continue incorporating or begin implementing. We don’t just analyze what our customers want, but how they want to see it presented to them.

There is no doubt that trending consumer behavior is what cultivates engagement and draws attention to your brand and ultimately creates a customer! 

Acquiring a customer for the first time is tough, but staying relevant and retaining consistent customers can also be tough in a fast-paced world full of so many options.

With all of this information, we can then look introspectively at our businesses and see where we can improve, expand and thrive!


2021 Trending Window Displays and Photo Backgrounds


Window Displays

  • What are we seeing for 2021 retail window displays? Textures are at the top of the “trending list”. We continue to see mixing of fabric textures, industrial elements (such as faux walls in brick, concrete and varying wood materials) and a strong focus on greenery and dried grasses for an “outdoor in” vibe. Neutral colors and organic shapes continue to catch the eye of the consumer.
  • Less is more! Focus on statement light fixtures, subdued colors and the arrangement of your mannequins to be very natural and authentic. These days there seems to be so much chaos and unknowns in the world- customers are craving an escape to serene environments and you can create this in your boutique by incorporating these elements into your store's unique style.



Photo Backgrounds

  • Photo background designs are trending in the exact same direction as window displays, because social posts are basically your digital window displays, right? We are still all about the fabric layers, clean organic backgrounds and textures. We’re loving the all white fabric backgrounds that makes the product truly pop! These simple backgrounds pair effortlessly with seasonal greenery and varying styles. Product photo backgrounds are simple, but give a trendy aesthetic and keep the focus on the details of your styled outfits!




Don’t forget!

  • What is trending every year? BRANDING! This is a statement that truly never goes out of style in window displays or photos. Finding ways to rep your boutique name is always important for growth and brand recognition!

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